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semer les graines de l’avenir / sowing the seeds of the future

Alert Snow Day!

January 20th: Due to snow school for both maternelle and elementary is cancelled today!

Admission is OPEN for 2018-2019! Submit your application by January 31, 2018.

Admission open for 2018-2019

For the 2018-2019 school year, we are enrolling students in preschool through 5th grade. For new families, we accept applications throughout the year on a rolling basis.

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North Seattle French School (Ecole Bilingue de Seattle) is a preschool and elementary school in Seattle, offering immersion French and bilingual education.

Our mission is to nurture and educate young minds to become capable independent thinkers and contribute as global citizens of the future.


North Seattle French School’s curriculum is based on the French curriculum and incorporates the best of U.S. teaching styles of creative thinking and problem-solving.


Our integrated approach with project-based learning ensures that all children actively engage in what they are learning and become lifelong learners.


As a Seattle-based school, we believe in getting outside, learning about, and caring for the natural environment.


Through bilingualism, our students learn that there is more than one way to say something, more than one way to problem-solve, and more than one way to view the world.


We are not just teaching children—we are a family-oriented school that engages and encourages families to actively contribute to our North Seattle French School community.

Read What Parents Have to Say About Our School

  • This school is small but mighty, with dedicated teachers, a terrific community, and a huge heart! It is amazing to see kids who had no French experience now speak fluently. I love that the school is so dedicated to social and emotional growth, so that kids are not just learning math and letters, but also how to be good human beings—kind, aware, responsible, and creative. I highly recommend NSFS for families looking to raise thoughtful, globally-minded young people!

  • NSFS is a unique school in that it combines French immersion and the French curriculum with student-focused teaching styles in the classroom, such as the Positive Discipline method. The result is a wonderful blend: the mind-opening benefits of language immersion together with engaged, curious students and a dedicated and passionate parent community. We have had a great experience here.

  • We were initially reluctant to leave the public system but are glad we took this path! NSFS has a great learning environment and a community feel. We've made lots of new friends, and our kids' teachers are very professional and caring. After two years, our children's French is almost perfect. Worth the investment.

  • Our daughter attends North Seattle French School's preschool and she loves it. The teachers are incredibly talented, the families open-armed and inclusive. We have created such a great community, helping each other out and supporting a friendly and positive learning environment.

  • My kids have been attending NSFS for four years now, and our family loves it. The staff is dedicated to making sure every student succeeds. The community of parents is unbelievable; the support and friendships built have helped our family through difficult times. My kids are happy to go to school every day. The curriculum is rigorous and challenging, and the student-teacher ratio is low, which allows for kids to learn French quickly.

  • Our kids already spoke French at home before starting NSFS, but for us it was important that they learn to read and write in both English and French. Our experience at the school has been very positive, and we feel very fortunate that our sons have the opportunity to grow and learn in such a supportive, nurturing, and multicultural environment. The school truly lives by its mission and we have been most impressed by the level of global awareness that pervades all aspects of the curriculum.