Our mission is to cultivate a community of globally minded independent thinkers through bilingual education.

We achieve this goal by ensuring that all of our choices reflect our core values, as developed by the founders of the school, and supported and embraced by all members of our staff, faculty, board, and families.

Our Core Values

Global Perspective

We are proud to be a school dedicated to internationalism and recognizing the value in cultures, languages and ethnicities around the world. By nature of their bilingualism, our students fundamentally understand from a very young age that there is more than one way to say something, more than one way to problem-solve, more than one way to see the world. This global awareness helps our students become open-minded, tolerant and curious adults, preparing them to flourish in our world today and going forward.


North Seattle French School is dedicated to continually expanding the diversity of cultures, languages and countries represented in our rich community. We are committed to providing opportunities for students from a wide range of backgrounds to attend NSFS. Our teachers come from different countries and cultures across the Francophone world, and we encourage our families and staff members to share their experiences with the community. We capitalize on the diversity, as well as the similarity, of the human experience, teaching our students to be respectful, inquisitive and present citizens of the world.

Engaged Community of Families

We are not just teaching children — we are growing our community of families. We are a family-oriented school, and we encourage parents to actively contribute, whether as field-trip volunteers, room parents, or Board committee members. We also teach our kids what it means to be an active part of a community, learning to serve, whether that means other communities in our city or protecting our environment. We believe this lays the groundwork for them to grow into thoughtful, responsible, and engaged adults.

Integrated Curriculum: Best of Both Worlds

Our curriculum is based on the established French curriculum while incorporating the best of U.S. teaching styles, emphasizing creative thinking and problem-solving. We use the co-teaching model in our bilingual classrooms, in which French- and English-speaking teachers work together to coordinate lesson plans, reinforcing material in both languages. Our integrated approach, including project-based learning, helps ensure that every child is actively engaged and offers students a greater and more flexible role in the educational process.

Social-Emotional Development

We believe that character development is as valuable as academic learning, and we incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) into everything we do, at every grade level. Our teachers are trained in the Positive Discipline method of classroom management, and we incorporate age-appropriate strategies for developing empathy, mindfulness, self-awareness, communication and more throughout our curriculum.