Our mission is to nurture and educate young minds to become capable independent thinkers and contribute as global citizens of the future through bilingual education.

We achieve this goal by ensuring that all of our choices reflect our core values, as developed by the founders of the school, and supported and embraced by all members of our staff, faculty, board, and families.

Our Core Values

Best of Both Worlds

Our curriculum is based on the French curriculum and also incorporates the best of U.S. teaching styles emphasizing creative thinking, problem-solving and social-emotional learning. Our school reflects the progressive culture of Seattle and respects and celebrates the diverse cultures that contribute to our family and staff community.

Student Engagement

Our students come from all different backgrounds and have different learning styles. We believe that our integrated approach, incorporating project-based learning, is key to cultivating lifelong learners and making learning exciting, challenging, and satisfying for every student.

The Outdoors

As a Seattle-based school, we believe in getting outside and learning about the environment. The outdoors is a large part of the culture in the Northwest, and North Seattle French School is proud to incorporate this into our curriculum. Hands-on outdoor learning is part of raising children who will be respectful and protective of their environment. With regular field trips, journeés vertes (outside “green days”), and an integrated stewardship curriculum, our students learn that taking care of and appreciating the natural world goes hand-in-hand with enjoying it.

Global Perspective

By nature of their bilingualism, our students fundamentally understand that there is more than one way to say something, more than one way to problem-solve, more than one way to see the world. This global awareness will help them become open-minded, tolerant, and curious adults. We are lucky to have such a diversity of cultures and languages in our rich community, and we celebrate and encourage the sharing of traditions from all over the world, so that our students understand that they belong to a global community.


We are not just teaching children—we are a family-oriented school, and we engage and encourage parents to actively contribute to our school community. Whether as a field-trip volunteer, a classroom parent, or a committee member, there are lots of ways to participate. And through active participation in our greater local community—going on field trips, visiting neighborhood businesses, marching in a local parade—we also teach our kids to become thoughtful, responsible, creative adults who will actively contribute in their future communities.