2019-2020 tuition:

  • Elementary (K-5th grade): $14,085
  • Half-Day Preschool (8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday): $8,324

2020-2021 tuition:

  • Elementary (K-5th grade): $15,000
  • Half-Day Preschool (8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday): $8,865

Tuition Assistance

North Seattle French School is committed to fostering a diverse community, and we are glad to be able to offer need-based financial aid. Aid is determined based on demonstrated financial need when comparing the student’s educational expenses with the family’s ability to pay. Admission and tuition assistance decisions are made independently.

Please contact us with any questions. We’re happy to help!

Who should apply for tuition assistance?

Elementary school families who have thoroughly reviewed their financial situation, including all sources of income, and feel they need help paying tuition are encouraged to apply. (We do not currently offer financial aid for preschool.) Aid is issued as a grant; there is no repayment obligation.

How is aid determined?

NSFS uses FAST, an online service of the Independent School Management Association, to help determine financial aid. FAST calculates the demonstrated need amount for each family based on gross income, nontaxable income, assets, liabilities, family size, and the number of children in tuition-paying schools below the college level, among other factors. Using FAST ensures confidentiality and equal consideration to all applicants.

The NSFS Financial Aid Committee determines awards based on the FAST demonstrated need information together with the amount of financial aid available and the number of families applying for aid in a given year.

Will applying for tuition assistance affect admissions decisions?

No. Financial aid applications are considered separately from admissions applications.

How do I apply for financial aid?

The application is entirely online, through our school’s FAST link above.

The final deadline is usually in February for the following school year, but it is advisable to begin the FAST application as early as possible, as some documents should be submitted to FAST by January. Please begin your FAST application early to see exactly what documentation is needed. Please contact our Finance Chair at with questions.

All adults in the custodial household will be asked to provide documentation including but not limited to:

  • complete tax return for the most recent year
  • mortgage statement or rental agreement
  • child support documentation (if applicable)
  • W2 and/or 1099 for all jobs worked, and/or Social Security, unemployment or disability stubs if you are a recipient 
  • IRS form 4506T (Request for Transcript of Tax Form) (available on the FAST website)
  • current credit report (NEW applicants only; available at no charge at
What happens in cases of parental divorce or separation?

NSFS considers both parents or partners responsible for the educational expenses of their child(ren), regardless of marital status or the existence of legal documents stating otherwise. Therefore, separated or divorced partners must both complete tuition assistance applications. Please contact the Finance Chair at if you have questions about specific circumstances.

Will NSFS offer tuition assistance to cover my family’s full demonstrated financial need?

While we are very glad to be able to offer tuition assistance, we cannot guarantee that we will have funds to meet every applicant’s demonstrated need. The maximum amount we can offer this year is 25% of tuition.

When will I be notified of a decision?

If we receive completed applications with all necessary forms by the February 28 deadline, we will send a tuition assistance decision letter at the end of March.

Can I still apply for financial assistance after the deadline?

Yes. While we anticipate the bulk of available funds will be allocated to applicants who submit by the February 28 deadline, we may have available and/or additional grant funds later in the year. We encourage you to apply if needed even after the deadline.

What if my financial circumstances change?

We are here to work with all of our families. Please notify our Finance Chair right away if your family’s financial situation changes unexpectedly:

Will I need to reapply for aid each year?

Yes, aid is determined every year for one year only. However, if there are no significant changes to your financial situation, it is likely that comparable aid will be offered each year.

Tuition Assistance application due Feb 22, 2020

Deadline to complete online FAST application for tuition assistance, including 2019 tax returns and W-2s.