In-Person Summer Camp 

We offer French Immersion and adventures camp open to all children from 3 to 12 years old. Our summer camp is a fun way to learn French while exploring the World! No prior French experience needed. 

We are located in the Shoreline Center: 18560 1st Ave NE in Shoreline, WA.

Questions? Contact Aurélie:

Below was our program for summer 2021:

Camp Hours / Prices for Summer 2021

  • Full-day:  8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (K to 6th grade only) / $400 per week
  • Mornings only: 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (3-12 yo) / $200 per week
  • Afternoons only: 12:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (3-12yo) / $200 per week

No extended care available. 10% discount for younger siblings.

Week 1 – The Amazing Race (6/21 – 6/25) – Full

Campers will team-up and imaginary trek around the World. At every destination, each team will compete in a series of challenges. Campers will work together and race around the Shoreline center campus.

Week 2 – Witches and Wizards (6/28 – 7/2) – Full

Campers will have the opportunity to learn magic tricks, create their own wand, play magical games and do science experiments. They will create potions and play quidditch. At the end of the week, students will showcase the new skills they learned and will graduate from the North Seattle French Witches and Wizards School.

Week 3 – Rainforest Adventures (7/5 – 7/9) – Full

Campers will become explorers as we trek through the rainforest. They will discover rainforest animals and plants and learn where the rainforest is located around the World. Campers will sail down the Amazonia River, use a compass and set-up their camp.

Week 4 – Under the Sea (8/9 – 8/13) – Full

Get your diving gear, campers, we are going to explore the seven seas. Campers will learn about the different types of marine life and their habitats. They will also transform in an imaginary marine creature and do lots of craft.

Week 5 – Lost in Paradise (8/16 – 8/20) – Full

Oh no! Campers are lost on a paradisiac island. They will learn about survival skills, explore the island and go on a treasure hunt. Be careful, campers! We have heard some pirates are sailing close by!

Week 6 – Around the World (8/23 – 8/27) – Full

Here is the challenge of the week for the campers: do a tour du monde in 5 days. Students will make a passport and get it filled. Each day, they will visit a new area of the World and get an immersion experience of the different cultures/ countries.

Our Covid-19 Safety Plan

Keeping the children, families and our staff safe is our top priority. North Seattle French School has been open for in-person learning during the pandemic, and we follow the same rigorous protocols during our summer camps. We regularly update our guidelines based on the requirements from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and the WA Department of Health.

Personal Protective Equipment – Children and staff must always wear a mask. Please put an extra mask in your child’s backpack. Campers can remove the mask while respecting social distancing for lunch and snack.

Health Screening – Families are required to fill out a daily wellness form every day before drop-off. A staff checks your child’s temperature at drop-off and at lunch time.

Cleaning Procedures – Campers are asked to wash their hands regularly during the day: at drop-off, before snack and lunch, after activities… Staff regularly sanitizes high touch surfaces and bathrooms with approved for use in school sanitizers.

Facilities – Campers do most of the activities outside, on the Shoreline center campus. They use North Seattle French School facilities for restrooms, hand washing, for some activities and depending on the weather. While inside, groups stay separated. Each classroom is equipped with a HEPA filtration system. Parents and visitors are not allowed in the building. The school is cleaned by a professional cleaning crew every night.

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