Our Bilingual Curriculum

Our bilingual curriculum is designed to address the Washington State common core standards and the internationally recognized French curriculum. We have integrated the two curricula by mapping where they overlap and where they differ. This approach enables our students to reach bi-literacy and transition successfully into either a French school or the local school system for middle school.

Our students don’t just learn a second language; they learn to speak, read, write, think, play, create, and explore the world, with confidence, in two languages. We promote creative thinking and problem-solving through hands-on activities and interdisciplinary projects. Additionally, we place significant emphasis on social and emotional learning.

French Immersion & Language Acquisition

To establish a robust foundation in French, our preschool and kindergarten teachers predominantly teach in the French language. As students progress to higher grades, they gradually spend more time with their English teacher to reach 50/50 ratio in 4th and 5th grades. 

Our teachers tailor their approach to each student, meeting them at their unique stage of language developement in both French and English. Regardless of whether your child’s home language is English, French, another language, or multiple languages, we are committed to providing comprehensive support, ensuring your child remains engaged and challenged.


Bilingual Preschool


At each grade level, our English and French teachers dedicate several hours each month to collaborating on lesson plans and projects, and communicating on each student’s growth. They co-teach in the classroom each day to build connections between the languages and foster social-emotional learning. Furthermore, our teachers have regular meetings by language departments and cycle levels to develop curricular projects supporting the students’ learning and achievement.

Equivalences of the French and US School Systems

In the French system, early childhood and elementary years are divided into three cycles, or related areas of developmental learning and skills grouped by grade. The skill expectations have been created to be mastered at the end of each cycle rather than each grade to respect the pace of the children who learn differently and each in their own way. 

Cycle 1: Preschool and Kindergarten

Cycle 2: 1st-3rd grades (CP, CE1, CE2)

Cycle 3: 4th-5th grades (CM1, CM2)

Bilingual journey in preschool and elementary
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