2023 NSFS Bakery Move-A-Thon

Exercise!  Eat pastries!  Support bilingual education!  

April 1 to April 30, 2023

Thank you for supporting the NSFS annual spring Move-A-Thon and community fundraising event! Throughout the month of April, registrants choose how to move along suggested routes that lead to local bakeries. Registrants receive a pastry and button once they reach the bakery. Not only does our Move-A-Thon showcase our local boulangeries to our community, but it also reinforces outdoor fun and shared experiences with families and neighbors. All proceeds support NSFS and promote bilingual education in the Seattle area.

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How it works

  • Pick a bakery destination from our participating bakeries (La Parisienne, Petit Pierre – 2 locations, Honoré).
  • Register for the Move-A-Thon! Cost: $30 per person per bakery. Want a discount? Register with more than two people! Or visit all 4 bakeries for $80!
  • Walk, run, or move in a way that works for you to your selected bakery (use the suggested routes or make your own!).
  • Choose any day between April 1 and April 30, 2023 to go to your chosen bakery (don’t forget to check the bakery hours).
  • Pick up your race button and pastry by showing your registration confirmation to the bakery.
  • Get a chance to win a Brooks $150 gift certificate! Four gift certificates will be awarded through a raffle. When you register for the Grand Tour you will be automatically entered into the raffle. An additional two gift certificates will be given to the families that bring in the most donations through the pledge drive.

Participant Pledges!

One step further to support bilingual education.

NSFS Families: We will email you an invite link to set up and share your own personalized Pledge Page with your friends and family. Help us extend the opportunity to make a donation to NSFS!

Can't participate in the Move-A Thon? Make a pledge/donation.

If you can’t participate in the Move-A-Thon this year, please consider making a donation of any amount toward either a participant or the school in general. Visit our pledge pages to donate.

Order a t-shirt!

Featuring original artwork by NSFS students! Students were asked to draw stick figures demonstrating their favorite ways to move. How proud your child will be wearing a t-shirt that they designed! Order a 2023 NSFS Bakery Move-A-Thon t-shirt to wear during your visits to the bakeries (and all year long).

A huge thank you to our sponsors!

For inquiries/questions about becoming a sponsor, please contact our fundraising team fundraising@northseattlefrenchschool.com.

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