Agnès DaoutFrench Instructor Middle School Program - Substitute - Camp Instructor

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    Agnès was born and raised in Tours, France. In high school, she majored in language arts. She learned English, German and Arabic. After graduating Law School, she moved to Texas with her
    husband. She then lived in England, Mexico and now Seattle. She has been working as a substitute teacher and camp instructor (virtual and in-person) at NSFS since 2020. She is a French tutor, and she has also worked as a preschool French teacher. She recently created a French book club for the Seattle area. Agnes loves teaching and sharing her mother tongue and culture. One of her favorite quote is from the American lawyer and author Amy Chua: ‘Speaking with a foreign accent is a sign of bravery”. Agnès has 2 children. She loves reading, traveling, hiking, music and ballet.