Graphic practice is a key component of the French curriculum in preschool and kindergarten. This approach to early childhood education emphasizes the importance of developing children’s motor skills and creativity through various forms of artistic expression. It also develops their visual-spatial awareness, self-regulatory skills and their attention to details. 

By engaging in graphic practice, children learn how to control their movements and manipulate objects with greater precision and accuracy. Research has indicated that a child’s fine motor development can predict their educational achievements, specifically in reading, math and attention.

At NSFS, we incorporate play-based graphic practice weekly in our maternelle classrooms. Our students are encouraged to explore lines, curves, shapes through different techniques and materials. They are using their body, movement, sculpting, drawing and more. On the picture below, you will see our students practicing “les ponts“, a graphic they need to write m,n, 3 and h for example. 

We are proud to offer this unique and enriching aspect of the French curriculum to our students in our French-immersion preschool and kindergarten. It provides a solid foundation for lifelong learning and success. Learn more about our Maternelle program.

Graphic Practice in French Immersion Preschool
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