NSFS Vlog #1 : Message from Acting Head of School Sarah Yaakoby

 Bonjour! Check out our first vlog from Acting Head of School Sarah Yaakoby. We will be adding new vlog posts every Wednesday.

Madame Sarah has a message for our community about what it means to be a school when we can’t meet in our school building.

J’apprends, donc je suis. I learn, therefore I am. We keep learning, so school continues. We are in our third week of distance learning, and we continue to offer language arts, math, social studies, and STEM in both French and English. Classes convene daily for synchronous learning over video chat, allowing students to continue to interact with teachers and peers. Each week, teachers translate curriculum for all subjects into 5 days’ worth of online and offline assignments, which students can complete independently for asynchronous learning.

We also want to thank our entire community for their flexibility, perseverance, and resilience. Our students will carry the skills they are gaining—navigating technology, working independently, organizing their own schedules—with them into the future. We acknowledge the challenge our parents our facing as they work from home and help their children with their schoolwork. We welcome your feedback as we strive to improve and make distance learning easier for parents as we go along.  We continue to exist as individuals and as a community, and we continue to grow together.

If you are interested in joining our community, please visit our admissions page.