Vlog #3: Joyeux Jour de la Terre ! Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day from our Acting Head of School! Madame Sarah reflects on the school’s core values, one of which is caring for the environment, and the grassroots origins of the school.

Hello! Bonjour! It’s me, Sarah Yaakoby, the Acting Head of School of North Seattle French School. I haven’t seen you in a little while. It was spring break and I like to welcome everybody back. I hope during the spring break you’ got a chance to go out and enjoy our beautiful nature in our Seattle region. The cherry blossoms and the tulips are surrounding us with this natural beauty.

And today of course is Earth Day–c’est le Jour de la Terre. And Earth Day is a really special day at NSFS because we celebrate the earth and we celebrate the environment as part of our core school values. It reminds me of the journée verte or green day field trip that we took at the very beginning of this school year, exploring a local park, going on nature scavenger hunts together and getting a chance to be outdoors and joining our environment. It reminds me of our students three years ago who started a grassroots environmental organization HTSP or How To Stop Pollution.

This organization has carried on from the alumni who originally started the organization. It’s carried on to children in younger grades. They meet at recess to brainstorm and find solutions on how to stop climate change and how to make a positive impact on our environment.

This is really what NSFS represents. Our school is a grassroots school. It’s a community school. It’s rooted in community values of taking care of our community and being a part of our environment, of taking action together, taking collective action to help our local community. It’s what we see our students doing at the very grassroots level, it’s what we see our teachers doing, and it’s how our school started with a group of parents with a vision for a community school.

And I would just like to say thank you and we continue. HTSP continues. The students continue to plan. How are they going to use that money that they raised in the past to donate towards environmental initiatives? Our school continues to grow. Our school continues to learn. Happy Earth Day. Thank you. Merci.