Vlog #4: Thank you for the flowers and the feedback!

Madame Sarah says thank you for the gifts, flowers, and “attentions” teachers and staff received for Staff Appreciation Week. We also appreciate the feedback parents gave on how to improve distance learning.

Hello! Bonjour! This is Sarah Yaakoby, the Acting Head of School at North Seattle French School. And I wanted to greet you this beautiful spring day by saying a quote from Claude Monet: “Il me faut sourtout avoir des fleurs toujours, toujours.”

Monet wanted to have flowers everywhere. And if we look out around us, we do have flowers everywhere in this beautiful spring time. And also all of our teachers have flowers inside their homes. Now, thank you so much for sending tulips to all of the teachers and staff for teacher appreciation this week. We really wanted to send a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that. We appreciate you all and we miss you all our students. We really wish that we could see you in person, but we are so happy that we got that personal touch, uh, from you getting a nice delivery of flowers at our homes this week. Thank you so much.

And I wanted to just share with you that our feedback that we got from you a couple of weeks ago in the survey was really appreciated. And we’ve gone ahead and made some changes, including increasing our French content and spending some time teaching our students how to use those tools that we’re using online and adding more clarity with providing you the schedule the week before in our Google classrooms. And we will continue to use your feedback to better our program. Please keep speaking to us. We want to keep listening and we want to keep making adjustments for the rest of this school year. Thank you so much again for the flowers and have a wonderful day. Bonne journée !