Vlog #5 : Planning for all possibilities

While we don’t know exactly what next year will look like, Madame Sarah shares some available options for going back to school safely.

Que será será. Well, I listen to that song often these days. Whatever will be will be. Que será será. And it’s true. We’re in a situation that’s very uncertain right now, and it changes on a regular basis, but we do know that we have guidelines from the Center for Disease Control. Those are interim guidelines on how to reopen our school in September and we do know that the state of Washington will give us further guidelines on that at the beginning of June. In the meantime, we’re planning, we’re organizing and we’re coming up with some creative ideas about how to get back to school because we miss you. We want to be back in school with our students. We want to continue our mission of a community bilingual school and we’re ready to go back. How it’s going to look? Well, it’s going to look like going back with some changes.

Those might include a change in location because a structure was built where we have recess. And we’ve secured a change in location. It might include different classes, different class sizes. It might include smaller cohorts so that we can go back with social distancing. We’re planning for that. We’re planning for a return to school, prioritizing the safety of our students, teachers and staff, and our community. We’re planning for it. It might include going back to school with an online program running concurrently with our in-person program. We’re planning for that. We’re listening to your feedback and we’re planning for how we can improve and how we can go back to school with whatever will be will be. And we’re all looking forward to coming back together as a community. We’re all looking forward to when we can be together again in person, and we’re all looking forward to continuing our mission of being a bilingual community school in Seattle. We’re looking forward to seeing you again and we’re planning for it. Have a lovely week. Thank you. Merci.